Welcome to the Smudge Cat Community! 🐾 Embark on a purr-fectly charming journey into the decentralized realm of meow-nificent joy and lucrative pursuits. Stake, trade, and earn with a meow-gical touch using Smudge Cat. Let the whisker-twitching adventure commence – where finance meets feline finesse!


Smudge Cat is a memecoin inspired by the internet sensation "Woman Yelling at a Cat." Our cryptocurrency embodies the playful spirit of this meme, offering a lighthearted and engaging approach to decentralized finance.

Smudge Cat tokens can be used for:

- Staking
- Governance Voting
- NFT Marketplace
- NFT Game
- Exclusive Community Events

  • Airdrop Campaign: We'll conduct an airdrop campaign to distribute tokens to early supporters and community members, promoting wider adoption and participation in the Smudge Cat ecosystem.
  • Fair Launch and PinkSale Presale: We'll start with a fair launch and presale on PinkSale to ensure equitable token distribution.
  • Fast Track CG and CMC Listing: After the initial launch, our priority will be to expedite the listing process on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for broader visibility.
  • Community Building on Telegram: Simultaneously, we'll focus on building our community on Telegram to facilitate engagement and provide updates to our supporters.
  • Staking Integration: We'll integrate staking functionality, allowing users to lock their tokens and earn rewards, enhancing participation and incentivizing long-term holding.
  • Multichain Swap Development: Our team will develop a multichain swap feature, enabling seamless token swaps across multiple blockchains for enhanced liquidity and accessibility.
  • NFT Game Development: We'll commence development on the Smudge Cat NFT game, where players can nurture virtual kittens to earn rewards, fostering engagement and gamification within the community.

Staking (310% APY)

Earn up to 310% APY by locking your Smudge Cat tokens on the platform. A simple and profitable way to engage with the network while securing rewards.

Stake now (soon)


Smudge Cat's platform enabling swaps across multiple blockchains, providing convenience and access to diverse decentralized ecosystems.

coming soon

NFT Game

Care for your virtual kitten to earn rewards. Feed and nurture it for increasing earnings, but neglect leads to loss. How well can you raise your Smudge Cat?

coming soon


Lock your Smudge Cat tokens to earn rewards with an impressive APY of 310%. Additionally, participate in our innovative referral program, where you can earn 10% of every user deposit. Join the staking revolution and maximize your earnings with Smudge Cat.


Presale is live
  • CEX LISTING: 23.8%
  • Presale: 48.5%
  • Liquidity: 27.6%

Token contract